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Using Sharecal is easy. It just sounds complicated….

Use this form to input your and your organisation’s details. Once complete, use the “Events” page to add events individually or download the csv file to add events in bulk.

There are two main ways you can use sharecal with your organisation. You could just use it as a public calendar. Or you can add (or upload) members details, assign them a status level and then assign events a share level to control who sees what on their calendar.

Sharecal will automatically create a link to allow access to those events you assign a public share level. This will work immediately. Add the link (from your sharecal profile page) to your website or Facebook page to give access to your public events.

If you do add members to your corporate account they will then be able to log in and see events that you have deemed appropriate. Once your account is validated, any of your colleagues who have their own personal Sharecal account they will be able to accept your corporate calendar feed into those personal accounts at the level you have assigned. Also a public feed link will appear on the Sharecal home page.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be validated.